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The Pendle Wick

Winter Martini

Winter Martini from The Pendle Wick - smooth, stylish, sophisticated and not a pun in sight but some alliteration to keep you on your toes during the winter season. 

This scent is a modern take on the martini and will be sure to please you with top notes of Juniper Lemon Peel for a crisp start, and middle notes of pomegranate, red currant and gin giving way to a smooth base of balsam, oak and cedar. 

Product Information*: 

TIN Net wt 6oz wax - burn time 30 to 42 hours

JAR Net wt 8.5oz wax - burn time 43 to 60 hours

*Burn times are based on an approximation of 5 to 7 hours burn time per 1oz of soy wax. We do not recommend burning a soy candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Please read candle care instructions page and refer to the candle warning label on your product for correct candle usage.

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