Midnight Coast

$15.00 USD

Dive into the darkly aquatic, aromatic experience of Midnight Coast from The Pendle Wick's Nautically Nice collection.

Scented with black coral and moss, this is a sensual and masculine candle married with notes of lavender, amber, dark musk, and vetiver.

This mossy, marine scent will capture your imagination and add to the Pendle Wick collection in your home. This scent is reminiscent of a high-end cologne, it's the kind of scent that your Spicy Mariner would slap on his face ready for a hot and steamy night with his forbidden love, the Sirens Song, on the beach - under the light of the full moon.

Or some other such hilarious trashy romance novel that I could find in the local book shop. Don't judge me ... for I do love a good 'bodice ripper' from time to time with a mug of tea & secret stash of the good chocolate. 

This candle is infused with natural oils, including orange sweet, patchouli, nootka tree, and eucalyptus. 

Fragrance Profile:
Top: Marine, Camphor, Pineapple
Middle: Lavender, Bamboo
Base: Dark Musk, Amber, Vetiver, Cedar

Product Information*: 

TIN Net wt 6oz wax - burn time 30 to 42 hours

JAR Net wt 8.5oz wax - burn time 43 to 60 hours

*Burn times are based on an approximation of 5 to 7 hours burn time per 1oz of soy wax. We do not recommend burning a soy candle for more than 4 hours at a time. Please read candle care instructions page and refer to the candle warning label on your product for correct candle usage.